11-Yr Old Patient Who Was Surprised With A Drake Visit Receives New Heart


An 11-yr old patient, named Sofia Sanchez has been a patient at Children's Hospital in Chicago. She recently went viral after she posted the dance challenge, known as #InMyFeelings challenge (watch above). She did this as an in-patient at the hospital, awaiting a heart transplant!  And guess who shows up? 

None other than the creator & rapper of the song himself... Drake!


She couldn't believe her eyes and now, after the viral visit, she's having a hard time believing the best news she could ever receive... She got a new heart! 


Sofia had her heart surgery Monday, and so far, so good. It's a bittersweet gift-one child losing their life, to allow another child the chance to live. Prayers are going out to both families of both young souls as they go through this life changing transition. Dr. Carl Becker is the surgeon who spent 12 hours transplanting the heart. Thank you to the staff and families for this gift of life! 



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