Young High School Student Scores TWO Touchdowns .... And Also Blind


Being a freshman on the high school football team was always Adonis Watt's dream. He attends Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona, soon after became the running back for their team.

 During a game he scored TWO touchdowns! Very impressive. He also happens to be blind, and the other team didn't even know he was. That is just SUPER impressive right? 

As a young teen he was diagnosed with a rare form of glaucoma, but his dream remained in his heart. Veronica Watt, Adonis's mother, would have preferred a much safer spot but supports him all way way to the touchdown line.

“You just got to trust your abilities,” Adonis says. “Trust your linemen and trust that the play will work.”

Adnois we applaud your perseverance to not give up. This is an incredible story about not giving up on your dreams, no matter what obstacle you may face. Cheers to you Watt Family!

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