Ellen K Discusses Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston's Gentle Breakup

On Monday (09/25/18), Ellen K was on The Talk to discuss Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston's amicable breakup. She read a quote from The New York Times where Theroux joked that their breakup was boring and stated "neither of of us are looking to throw hatchets at each other. It's amicable. It's boring." In today's world, a boring breakup can be a good thing and is even a compliment! The less drama and heartbreak the better.

She chats with The Talk Crew to see if they've broken up with anyone gently or vice versa! One of the hosts shared that one time her ex  threw a paper cup at her. Thankfully that can't do too much damage! Another shared that she offered to help set her ex up after breaking up with him...he politely declined her gesture. Ellen even reveals a surprise about her ex that is a great example of an amicable break up story. Be sure to watch the clip to hear more great stories and have some laughs!



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