Little Boy Gets A Permanent Parking Pole For His Tiny Bike

Two words that don’t always evoke a FEEL GOOD – Parking. Restrictions. Especially….. when they affect a FOUR-YEAR-OLD! Every day for the past year, little Nathan Dietz had been parking his new bicycle against the same light post at the same park – just down the street from his house. It was a distinctive green and blue balance bike with training wheels.

Everyone in the neighborhood got used to seeing Nathan’s bike leaning against the street lamp. Everyone but a grumpy police officer who decided to lay the smack down on Nathan and his nifty bike. He had the bike removed and posted a sign saying – STOP PARKING YOUR BIKE HERE.

Nathan’s mom shared the picture on social media. It’s already had more than a hundred thousand likes. Annnnd…. attracted the attention of a city official who was none too pleased. We are proud to say that, as of this morning, little Nathan Dietz has his VERY OWN – city-sanctioned, legally-reserved parking spot!! It’s got a big, bright picture plastered across it – featuring that green and blue wheeled wonder! The very same light pole he’s been parking at for the past year. Congrats Nathan!!



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