OUR HOUSE 25th Anniversary Grief Support Center With Michele Prince


Jo-Ann Lautman was a leader of "Mommy and ME" classes at a pre-school in West LA. One of the moms passed away unexpectedly leaving a young widower and their child.

In that moment she realized that there was a need for grief support in Los Angeles. Particularly for young grievers who were expected to just bounce back.

After the word grew, so did OUR HOUSE.

Two years were spent taking care of young widow and widowers, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center was launched in 1993 with its grief support mission as a safe and comfortable place to start rebuilding lives after the devastation of the death of someone close.

There are now 24 employees from one group room to 11 group rooms in three offices.

OUR HOUSE serves grieving children and adults of all races, religions and ages from 4-94.

This year, they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary!


If you are looking to volunteer, opportunities always exist to serve the mission.

Volunteer opportunities include administrative and programmatic support activities in our main office and planning/ supporting our community and fundraising events.


Staff, volunteers, partners and Board Members have been working to provide grief support services that help hundreds of grievers find hope.

This year, they have planned an entire year of events and activities to help cherish the memories and successes established over the past 25 years.

OUR HOUSE believes no one should grieve alone.

Grief Support Groups are specific to the age of the griever, length of time since the death and the relationship to the person who died.

Join Kari Steele as she speaks to Michele Prince about OUR HOUSE 25th Anniversary of the OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center. They will discuss different volunteer opportunities and how they will be honoring their 25th.



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