Boy Going Into Major Surgery Asks Doctor To Fix His Teddy Bear Too

We love our doctor's and nurses doing amazing work around the clock! Well, this morning, we want you to meet Dr. Dan McNeely. Dr. Dan's a Pediatric Neurosurgeon so we're talking about some serious stuff. Just last month, Dr. McNeely removed a brain tumor from a 3-year old girl. So, he's seen it all and done it all. Except, the surgery he was asked to perform this week has been one he's never done before. His latest patient was an 8-year old boy, Jackson McKie was getting prepped for his operation - to remove a pretty scary cyst on his brain. Before he was wheeled back, Dr. Dan asked Jackson if he had any questions and Jackson only had one. From underneath his bed sheet, he pulled a torn and tattered teddy bear and said, "After you save my life, can you save Bradley's?" 

We're so happy to report that both Jackson & Bradley had successful procedures! The best buds are both stitched up and recovering nicely at home. Dr. Dan, you are our FEEL GOOD!   

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