St. Martin's Animal Foundation With Sky Valencia


St. Martin's Foundation has been educating thousands of students about ways to be self-sustainable and how to stop pollution.

St. Martin's is a Non Profit 501 c3 charity since 1999.


Our focus this year is to create an innovative, self-sustainable, solar powered haven in Southern Utah.

It will be a new eco sanctuary and learning center that will welcome families to enjoy free and enriching activities.

Their goal is to create a beautiful haven where severely abused animals can live out their lives in peace and where children can have fun learning about proper pet care, anti bullying, and environmental issues through art, gardening and other fun activities.

They also house homeless vegetarian dogs and teach organic gardening at their sanctuary. Their mission is to change children's behavior and outlook towards their environment and the animals they share it with by inspiring them towards positive action and prevention of abusive behavior.

The St. Martin's Green Team is a program that motives students of all ages to be eco-conscious and responsible adults.

They teach students how to recycle, save energy and the importance of spaying and neutering, growing gardens and respecting nature.

Sky Valencia is the founder of St. Martin's Animal Foundation which has been a non-profit 501C3 charity since 2000.

Join Kari Steele this Sunday as she speaks to Sky Valencia more about St. Martin's Animal Foundation.

She will explain more about how the programs impact the community, the Saint Martin's Green team and more!

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