Transplant Research And Education Center At UCLA


Dr Amy Waterman is a national transplant innovator and a Professor in Residence at the University of California Los Angeles in the Division of Nephrology.

She is Director of the Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) at UCLA (a nonprofit educational institution) and Deputy Director of the Terasaki Research Institute. She's engaging, a great storyteller, and is on a mission to end the national kidney shortage.   

One of the world’s leading expert in kidney transplant research and education is launching a new to world education tool this month. The Living Donation Storytelling Project ( is a new digital library with stories from the kidney transplant community.

It seeks to educate through crowdsourced personal stories recorded and uploaded by kidney donors, recipients and their families. The library is diverse and evergreen, stories are collected daily. Anyone considering transplant will be able to see themselves reflected. Dr Amy Waterman is engaging, passionate and attractive – and her life’s work is to understand the barriers to live donation and overcome them. 

Many people don’t realize that most of us have two kidneys, most of us do just fine with one, and the donation procedure is quite simple. 15% of Americans are in some stage of kidney disease.

The gift of a kidney to a patient facing dialysis, is life changing for both donor and recipient. Many donors say it’s the most meaningful thing they have ever done. Dr. Waterman is on a mission to reduce the kidney transplant waiting list – 95,000 and counting down!  

Join Kari Steele as she speaks to Dr. Waterman more about TREC!

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