Big Dream's Tour Cancer Research With James Orrigo

James Orrigo’s “Big Dreams” tour, funded by CCRF, provides a creative experience for kids fighting cancer in hospitals around the country.

James brings his guitar, along with a portable recording studio into a child’s hospital room and helps them write a song and animate a music video that expresses the child’s own creative ideas – the sillier, the better.

For that hour or two, the child gets James’s full attention and is able to find a positive distraction from the difficulties of their cancer treatment.

Once James leaves the hospital, he sends the raw recordings and animations to a team who helps create a fully animated music video for the child to proudly share with friends, family and hospital staff.

Children’s Cancer Research Fund is a national nonprofit, and thanks to donors and partners around the country, we have contributed $170 million to research, education and awareness and quality-of-life programs for childhood cancer families.

They believe kids deserve safer, less toxic treatments, and we’re committed to funding groundbreaking research and services that enhance healing and care.

Join Kari Steele as she speaks to James Orrigo more about Big Dreams tour.

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