2 Year Old Falls From 11th Floor Window and Survives!

Just the thought of what a parent would go through if this happened is unimaginable. Yesterday a two-year-old living in the Park Ritchie Apartments inTakoma Park, Maryland fell from an 11thfloor window.The boy missed the concrete below by just inches, instead landing in a bed of mulch and bushes, saving his life.

It’s being called nothing short of a “miracle”.

The boy apparently climbed on a nightstand, pushed on the screen and then fell.

Monday 9/09/19 at 4:15pm first respondents were called to the scene after reports of a child falling from a building. Arriving, they found the boy awake and conscious. He was immediately taken to the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C.with what has been reported as “very serious injuries” but is expected to survive.

The child’s family say doctors were surprised the injuries were not more serious.

Share this story with anyone who has a child and lives in a multiple story building. Keep those windows secure.

God bless this child and his family. What a scare!!

Check out the video here!


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