Hollywood Boulevard’s Superman Passes Away

Ever have a friend visit and they want you to take them to see the sights including Hollywood Boulevard? There they can see all the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the footprints in the sidewalk in front of TLC Chinese Theater.

As you walk up and down the boulevard you see all the costumed characters working for tips taking photos with tourists. Mostly people seem to avoid them, but some stop and try to create a fun pose with the likes of Batman, The Joker, a funny looking Mickey or Minnie Mouse or Superman.

The people behind these costumes, like you or me, are just trying to eek out a living.

Christopher Dennis was one of those who had spent decades dressed as Superman walking up and down the boulevard greeting millions traveling to Hollywood to see the sights. I’m sure you either saw him from a distance, walked right by him or maybe stopped and took a photo with him.

Christopher passed away this weekend and now we’re finally getting to know him.

Life on the boulevard for some is not easy and Christopher struggled and I’m sure would be touched with all the attention his passing is receiving.

I saw him on many occasions but never sought him out for a photo but learning about his life he’s taught me that the next time I’m there I’ll support those that are there just trying to put a smile on our faces.

God bless you Christopher and may you finally find the peace you deserve.

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Things got bad and Dennis found himself homeless


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