The Crayon Collection


The Crayon Collection mission is to inspire a commitment to environmental consciousness and the infusion of art education in underfunded schools.

Crayon Collection got started almost ten year ago by up-cycling gently-used crayons, saving them from landfills and getting them into the hands of children across the country.

They've effected a lot of change since 2009 and today, Crayon Collection is taking crayons, artists, art education and sustainability practices into preschools, elementary schools and now high school classrooms, with the launch of their new Green Teen programming next year!

Through our Crayon Recycling Program, we establish partnerships with national restaurant and hotel chains that distribute free crayons to children when they dine. Instead of throwing these crayons away after each meal, we establish a collection process for each location and ensure these gently used crayons are donated to a local school in need.

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