Family Finds Owl Living In Christmas Tree

Getting a Christmas tree is an exciting tradition for many families.

Decorating it usually involves, lights, ornaments and a tree topper. But one family from Georgia got a surprise while bringing their tree owl!

Ironically, Kate Newman already loved owls and had several owl ornaments on her tree. After Newman's 10-year-old daughter ran up to her mom with tears in her eyes saying one of the ornaments scared her, she decided to investigate.

They discovered there was a real, live owl hiding in the Christmas tree!

The family left doors and windows open all night for the owl to escape, but it never left. They eventually called a wildlife expert who came and captured the owl to set him free.

Judging by the owls thin frame, the family believes it was in the tree as long as they had it in their home, which was more than a week!

Newman says she doesn't think their owl visitor flew too far away because she swear she can still hear it hooting at night.

Take a look at some of their updates below!

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