New Viral Trick Says Today is the Only Day You Can Make A Broom Stand Up

A new viral trend is sweeping the internet (sorry, couldn't help it)! The trick suggest that today is the only day ever that you can make a broom stand up straight. The craze stems from a tweet saying that the handy information was released from NASA.

"Okay so NASA said today was the only day a broom can stand up on its own because of the gravitational pull...I didn’t believe it at first but OMG!" Twitter user @mikaiylaaaaa posted.

Naturally, everyone hopped onto the craze, right? We even tried it ourselves and yes, the broom stood tall!

So yes, the brooms definitely stand up. Only thing is that, a standing broom is not exclusive to one-day-ever. You can make your broom stand up any day of the year! It has nothing to do with the earths gravitational pull, nor the vernal equinox. The broom is simply upright due to gravity. Due to the center of gravity being low on the broom, if you position it correctly, it will always stand up.

Check out this video created in 2012 explaining it all. Apparently this hoax comes around every few years.

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