Coronavirus Explained: More Info On COVID-19


  • Guest(s): ​
    • Dr. Robert Gallo, Co-founder and director of the Institute Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and co-founder and international scientific adviser of the Global Virus Network
    • Mark Shriver, Senior Vice President, U.S. Programs & Advocacy, Save the Children
    • Howard Altman, Managing Editor for the Military Times
  • Hosted by: iHeartMedia's Ryan Gorman (from​ WFLA-​AM / Tampa, FL)
  • Topics covered: 
    • Explanation of new symptoms and health issues resulting from COVID-19
    • Hear how COVID-19 threatens kids in the US and all over the world and how you can help​
    • Impact of outbreak on the U.S. military and veterans​

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