Pandemic Inspired Song "Six Feet Apart" Has Us In Tears

Coronavirus music is a thing now! It was only a matter of time for this to happen. Singer Alec Benjamin released what could be the soundtrack to these quarantine times, "Six Feet Apart." The song is an ode to the ongoing global pandemic and the CDC's social distancing guidelines of being six feet apart from each other. The song is actually a feel-good and we thought we'd share the lyrics below.

"I wanted to let people know that they aren't alone!" - Alec Benjamin

They say distance is relative

And relative to relatives I have

I'd say I'm relatively close

To breaking down

Because right now

I feel so alone

I've been missing the elements and

Wishing the elephant in the room

Would leave and kindly close the door

I can't ignore

Him like before

Not anymore

Oh I, miss you most at

Six feet apart when you're

Right outside my window

But can't ride inside my car

And it hurts to know just how lovely you are

And be too far away to hold but close enough to break my heart

I miss your smile

Feels like miles

Six feet apart

So far, so far but so close

Like a star, out in the cosmos

Can't touch, the beauty I see

That's how, it feels at six feet

Space and time are interwoven

Well at least that's what we're told

When I was young I was suspicious…

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