Starbucks Released Brand New Color-Changing Cups

Want to add a little bit of color and magic into your life? Starbucks is here to do just that!

Starbucks has launched a brand new line of reusable color-changing cups! Last year's line of color-changing cups were pastel, but the colors are bolder than ever this time around.

If you've never used a color-changing cup, they react to temperature. So whenever you put a cold drink in, bam! The color transformation happens before your eyes!

The set comes with five cups and one of the photos below shows what each colored cups turns into. The tomato fades to aubergine, peach becomes hot pink, marigold turns to tangerine, sea turns ocean, and cobalt turns a deep purple.

These colors are so beautiful!

So far, people have spotted them at Starbucks locations, grocery stores, and Targets, so keep your eyes peeled!

Take a look at the photos below.

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