Make Your Own Disney-Themed Charcuterie Boards!

We're all missing those magical Disney days right now, but there's lots of ways to still bring that magic into your very own home!

The park has shared several of their famous and beloved recipes that you can cook or bake while watching some Disney+ in the background. But now, the next big internet trend is Disney charcuterie boards!

Now charcuterie boards are usually made with meats and cheeses, but we've seen some people get creative with brunch boards! Really all it takes is arranging the foods in an aesthetically pleasing way.

There's plenty of Disney-themed treats, especially Mickey Mouse-shaped ones, that you can use to create the perfect Disney brunch board! In the Instagram posts below, the users got creative and had Mickey Mouse waffles, used a Mickey cookie cutter to make Mickey toast, and put additional food like sausage, eggs, and fruit in Mickey bowls! Now of course you don't have to stick to the Mickey theme, it's just one of the several cute possibilities!

What kind of Disney charcuterie board do you want to make?

Take a look at the photos below for some inspiration!

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