Aldi Has Huge Versions Of Your Favorite Games For Your Backyard

Need something to make your quarantine more fun? Aldi is selling giant versions of some of your favorite games!

Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit posted photos of huge "toppling blocks" which is like Jenga, and a "Giant Wooden Four-In-A-Row" which is a version of Connect Four!

Each game comes with a carrying bag so you can easily store them or bring them on a camping trip!

These have been found at Aldi for $29 which honestly doesn't seem like a bad price!

Make quarantine with your roomies, family, or kids more exciting with these and just imagine how much more fun it will be once quarantine is over and you can have a party!

If you have a backyard, or even a good sized balcony, you should totally take advantage of this!

Check out he games below.

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