People On The Internet Say Dads Always Shake Their Snacks Before Eating!

TikTok users are pointing out a little fact they realized about dads!

They are realizing that all or most dads shake snacks in their hands before they eat them! Now, thanks to TikTok they are being made fun of for it. Lots of users on the app shared videos of their dads innocently snacking.

Some of the videos show their dads eating cashews, almonds and mixed nuts. Some dads had no idea they were being filmed, some didn't know why and then some defended their actions.

Their explanation of why they do this varied. Some say it's easier to spread onto his hand so it's easier to eat them. Others say it's to wake up the flavor.

Check out the video below, it's hilarious! Does your dad do this? Or... if you are a dad, do you do this?!

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