How To Make Your Zoom Anniversary Feel Special

If you’re in a relationship and have had to quarantine away from your partner this whole time, you know how hard it is to celebrate date nights and special occasions together.

If you have an anniversary coming up, here are 3 expert-approved ways to make your digital celebration memorable and romantic.

  1. Focus on the memories you’ve shared. Have a Zoom date and take a trip down memory lane together sharing some of your favorite photos together and listening to music from the first concert you both went to. Open up a bottle of wine and go through a box of mementos.
  2. Dinner date. You can’t cook for each other, but you can cook together over FaceTime! Decide on a recipe together and go for it! Or have their favorite meal from their favorite place delivered to them. You can both cook, eat, and enjoy each others company at the same time!
  3. Glam it up and get mushy. Take off those sweats and dolled up! Dress as if you two we’re actually going out somewhere nice to celebrate. Read old love notes to each other and remind them how much you love them. Maybe even say 'I love you' so much until you're almost one of those annoying lovey couples.

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