Marie Kondo Has A Free 8 Week Tidying Up Program

Chances are all this time spent at home is making you realize all of the clutter you’ve accumulated and that you’re ready to get it all organized.

Well, professional organizer Marie Kondo is here to help! She has a totally free 8 week organization challenge that will whip your place into shape by the end of summer!

There’s daily and weekly challenges to keep you on track. To kick off week one, she gives you a to-do list that starts with planning what your “ideal living space” looks like and how you want it to feel at the end of the clean-out challenge.

The organizing queen also encourages you to write down your visions, make a vision board, and take multiple “before” pictures of the space you decide to tackle. There's nothing better than a stunning before and after photo or video to shoe your dedication and finished product!

The KonMari 8-week challenge website says “Tidying can be a powerful reset—not just for your space, but your entire life. If you want to tidy but don’t know where to start—or you got stuck along the way—we’ve got you.” The goal of the challenge is to help “eliminate clutter and hone your sensitivity to joy.”

For all of the details of each week’s challenge, go to the website!

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