Popcorn M&M's Exist & Sound Delicious

I have some great news for all you lovers of the sweet and salty combo out there (myself included!).

Whenever I'm snacking, I love to have something salty like popcorn or pretzels with my chocolate. Especially when I go out to the movies or have a movie night at home...you need that bucket of popcorn and box of candy!

Well now, M&M's has got you covered in BOTH categories!

M&M's Chocolate Popcorn has just started hitting shelves across the U.S. The new candy features a chocolate popcorn-flavored shell with an extra crispy rice center. It's intended to mimic the crunch of freshly made popcorn and I'm here for it.

You can get M&M's Chocolate Popcorn in three sizes: a single 1.35 oz bag, a shareable 2.83 oz bag, and a mega shareable 7.44 oz bag.

Instagrammer @theimpulsivebuy tasted a bag of these and confirms that the candy does indeed taste buttery!

Take a look at them below.

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