This Candle Smells Just Like Candy Corn

You can never have too many candles! Right?! Especially when it comes to the fall season. They have the coziest scents!

Halloween is still a few months away but it's not too early to start stocking up on your fall-inspired decor and we found the perfect candle everyone needs.

The Etsy shop Country Rich Creations has a candy corn scented candle! Now real candy corn doesn't have the strongest smell, but if it did, it would smell exactly like this candle.

So we know candy corn is very sweet and has a vanilla like flavor, and the Etsy shop candle made by Country Rich Creations has a warm vanilla candy scent along with hints of butter and almond. Doesn't that sound fabulous?!

The description of the candle reads “We use a parasoy custom blend wax. It is a combination of paraffin and soy wax, giving our candles the best of both worlds. Blending the two waxes gives the candle the best cold and hot scent throw.”

You can purchase the candy corn candle in various sizes. There is a 4-ounce jar (30 hours of burn time), a 12-ounce jar (85 to 90 hours of burn time), and a 26-ounce jar (180 to 200 hours of burn time). There's also an option to buy a 3.5-ounce cube that burns for about 3 hours. Prices of all of these items range from $4.40-$26.40.

If you order one now, try your best not to burn it all before Halloween!

People seem to either love or hate candy corn. Even if you hate the taste, maybe the smell will become your new favorite!

Etsy Country Rich Creations

Etsy Country Rich Creations

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