Jared Leto Shocks 'Wheel Of Fortune' Audience With Hilarious Prank

Photo: Getty Images

Jared Leto surprised an unsuspecting "Wheel of Fortune" crowd as an April Fools joke on Monday, April 1st. According to People, the musician subbed in for Pat Sajak alongside Vanna White as the show's host. Leto walked out onto the stage as a confused audience cheered in disbelief.

"Here are the stars of our show, Jared Leto and Vanna White," the announcer exclaimed.

The two came from backstage arm-in-arm before parting as Leto joined three shocked contestants at the wheel.

"All right everybody, grab those devices, it's time to give away some money. A $1000 in our first toss-up, the category is on the map."

The 52-year-old musician (turned fake "Wheel of Fortune" host) directed the contestants to proceed with game play. After a while, the joke ended and Sajak came out to continue the real show. This is not Leto's first time on "Wheel of Fortune." The Thirty Seconds to Mars standout appeared on the show in November 2023 to announce the band's 2024 world tour. After his time on the stage as the host, Leto took to his Instagram story to share a clip from the experience and ask fans and followers "how he did."

People mentioned that though Leto will not be taking over "Wheel of Fortune" hosting duties anytime soon, Sajak still plans to retire this year. The icon will be replaced by Ryan Secrest next season.

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