Rare Celebrity Interview With Winnie The Pooh


Disney's live adaptation of "Winnie The Pooh" is as much of a sequel as it is a revival of the beloved characters from the Hundred Acre Woods. For new and old audiences alike, there is much to feel from Little Christopher Robin growing up to be a man and dealing with life. Get ready to be blown away by the realistic CGI technology and the Pooh'isms that'll remind you of the stories. Besides, Ewan McGregor plays Christopher Robin and that alone is worth watching. Side note, if you heard Ellen K's encounter with Ewan McGregor at Starbucks, here's the pic she sneakily snapped before before he picked it up at the counter. Love how he goes by the name of "Mac."

Watch "Christopher Robin" in theaters this weekend and don't forget the box of tissues. 

Ellen K Weekend Show


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