Coldplay's Chris Martin Talks All Things music, Family And More!

Ellen K and Ryan Manno sat down with Coldplay's Chris Martin to talk all things music, family and more!

Ellen expressed her love for Coldplay's song "Magic" and how it helps sum up her loving break up with Ryan Seacrest.  Chris 'loves it' and was thankful Ellen shared her "beautiful story" with him.

Chris Martin thinks Prince is "monumentally talented" and is inspired by his work ethic. 

Martin believes you need to have three things: "the will to work, the passion for it and the cathartic need to play the music." 

He's always writing! To him, it's "a form of catharsis and is also a hobby. "It's a way of life."

On his kids:

Martins' kids don't really look at him as famous or think he's 'cool.' They just really enjoy the touring experience. 

"They think its cool back stage, then you go back to the school bus pick up and they think your a loser again" he chuckles, "which is wonderful." "They love being backstage! There's so much going on, and "candy!" 

Ellen continued asking him about how he got Beyonce on his album.  It was rumored "to get Beyonce on your album you painted her a picture? Is this true?" she asked.

"That's half true. She said she'd come and sing." Martin responded. When the met they were in a house and not a studio, so Martin had built a her a booth and painted it almost like a shrine for inspiration.

Martin shared a story from his when he was born, that when he first cried he heard his voice was so angelic, it stopped the rain and the village stood still. He chuckled.

A few more things Chris Martin shared was how he loves getting fans involved in his show. He's been apart of many proposals, Ellen suggested he should be ordained. 

Watch the full interview here!

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