10-Yr Old Boy Jumps Into Action To Help His 10-Yr Old Cousin With Cancer

Artist: Elijah Hendricks

Anytime the "C" word comes into play, it throws so many feelings around. CANCER can be scary and overwhelming, but there are so many ways it can bring so many kind things to happen to you from others. In this story, 10-year old Elijah Hendricks knew that when his favorite 10-year old cousin Silas got diagnosed with Leukemia, he had to figure out a way to help him and his family. He sprung into action and started drawing detailed art pieces of some of his favorite NFL players. For years, the boys played football together and love the sport. With the help of his mother, they set up a Venmo account and have been able to sell 35-art pieces. Each sells for $10.00 and will go directly to Silas' family, being that one parent is unable to work in order to care for Silas during his cancer journey. If you're able to, please support this wonderful cause and in the least, help us spread more messages of hope this holiday season.