Why Do The Cal State Fullerton Titans Have An Elephant Mascot?

Cal State Fullerton are home of the Titans, yet their mascot is an elephant named "Tuffy."

It was actually the students decision to name themselves the Titans back in 1959. However, it wasn't until 1962 on May 11, the students held "Day of the Titan" on campus which celebrated “The First Intercollegiate Elephant Race in Human History” and that's how the elephant mascot came into play.

The elephant race was one of the biggest events to come to Orange County and went on to become  first major sporting event in the OC. With 10,000 people and media coverage in attendance to see them compete, the race ended up making The Associated Press’ top 10 stories of that year!

 “Tuffy the Titan” was officially dubbed Cal State Fullerton’s mascot by the student government in 1966.

So cool!

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