WATCH: 'This Is Us' Finale Speech That Had Us In Tears

 NBC's This Is Us season two finale brought so many questions at the end that we are dying for season three already!

However, during the episode, Randall gave a heart warming speech at his sister's wedding.

"There's absolutely zero point in trying to control the future because no one knows where we'll be even one year from now," he said. "What we can control is the people we choose. Choosing our people is the closest we come to controlling our destiny because while everything else may change, we can choose right if people will stay the same -- whether that's tonight or a year from now or ten years from now," he continued.

Episode drama aside, listen to the speech carefully, as it speaks major truth to life and keeping our loved ones close. Randall's speech begins at 2:54. 

Watch below:

Ellen K

Ellen K

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