What A Feel Good This Is! Amelia Celebrates Being 5 Years Cancer Free

What a feel good this is!

Amelia is five years cancer free!!

What a journey it's been... Amelia's mother thought that her daughter was going to need her appendix removed but later found out she had a tumor and heard the words no one ever wants to hear, especially as a parent. She was told her daughter had cancer.

Amelia's mother knew they had a long journey ahead of them but she gave the best advice which was "You just have to push through and get through it."

When she had surgery to re-move the tumor she was only 7 years old.

Now 5 years cancer free, they had a  huge party to celebrate.

Amelia even had strangers coming up to her congratulating her.

God bless Amelia for being five years cancer free!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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