Avocado Museum Coming To San Diego!

If you are a lover of avocados you'll be excited about this news!

An Avocado Museum is coming to San Diego!

Over the past few years, the avocado has become a very popular food and you can use it in just about anything!

As of June 16th, San Diegans can pay $27 to visit the CADO, which is a 6,700 square foot pop-up museum spread out across 16 shipping containers that aims to capture every facet of the avocado and its place in society!

Of course the CADO will be completely Instagrammable, there will be perfect opportunities to selfie throughout the museum.

The museum will teach visitors about how avocados  get from groves in California, a "Ripe Room" which will have wills designed to match the qualities of what a perfectly ripe avocado should look like.

The best part?! There will even be a gift shop with items such as avocado milk, avocado cereal, pins, t-shirts and more!

Tickets are already on sale! So if you are planning on going, claim yours now!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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