James Arthur is Being Sued for "Say You Won't Let Go"

Script star, O'Donoghue, claims Arthur ripped from his song, "The Man who Can't be Moved". Arthur's song in question is his pop hit "Say You Won't Let Go". 

The former dropped in 2008, and the latter in 2016.

O'Donoghue claims that Arthur's Song matches "The Man who Can't be Moved"  "to a T". He cites that the cadence tempo and lyrics are WAY to closely resembled to his own works.

What's more, O'Donoghue says Arthur approached him and his band after Arthur was dropped by his label in 2014, trying to talk ideas for a comeback song. 

He says they denied the meeting, and somehow Arthur came out with "Say You Won't Let Go" 2 years later.

Here's the Script, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved":


Compare the Song above to the song below. Do you hear the resemblance?


Pablo Picasso is famous for saying "good artists copy, great artists steal". What do you think? Did James Arthur take Pablo's quote too literal? 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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