Meghan Markle Has To Follow A List Of Royal Rules Now That She's A Duchess!

Days later and we still can't stop talking about the Royal wedding!

This past Saturday, Meghan Markle officially married Prince Harry of England and became the Duchess of Sussex.

Say goodbye to normal life Meghan, you are now living a life of royal duties!

She now has to follow a list of royal rules in order to stay in society and the Queen's good graces.

Curious as to what that list of rules is? Well here you go:

1. No Selfies

2. No Autographs

3. No Social Media

4. No Dark Nails

5. No Traveling Without Mourning Clothes

6. Curtsy Time

7. No Miniskirts

8. No crossing legs

9. No Wedges

10. Mealtime is at 8:30!

11. No Open Seating

12. No Room Raiding

13. Don't Eat Before or after the Queen

14. No Sleeping Until the Queen Sleeps

15. Do Not Pass Go (no playing monopoly)

16. No Pinkies Out

17. No Shellfish for you! ( in order to avoid food poisoning)

Ellen K

Ellen K

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