Unicorn Snot Is Launching Glitter Sunscreen This Summer!

No one likes wearing sunscreen, especially when we are trying to get our tan on!

This summer may be different for you!

Unicorn Snot's new glitter sunscreen may be an exception for you.

If you are wondering where the name Unicorn Snot came from, it's from a beauty company FCTRY which is a brand made for the Age of Social Media.

All of their products are made for Instagramming purposes.

Besides Unicorn Snot sunscreen, you can also purchase glitter gel, lipgloss and lip glitter! 

There newest product is Unicorn Snot Sunscreen which will be available next week. The SPF formula is cruelty free and water resistant for all your unicorn pool selfies you are about to take.

It's packed with glitter and comes in blue, pink and gold shimmer.

The formula contains beeswax to keep you hydrated in the heat.

So you'll be safe from the sun WHILE sparkling! 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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