These Pocket-Sized Diaper-Changing Kits Will Make Your Outings Easier!

Trying to get out of the house when you have little ones can super challenging. 

Stroller, diapers, change of clothes, bottles, oh, and child! The checklist is never ending

Trying to fit it all your diaper bag can be a challenge in itself. 

What if you could ditch the diaper bag and still carry your necessities?!

 Dwypers has your answer! Dwypers created a pocket-sized diaper-changing kits

They're complete with a changing mat, a diaper, wipes and even a "distraction card" so you can you can change your child without a fight! 

Best of all, it fits right in your pocket! 

There's always the times moms and dads don't need or want to carry a diaper bag, but you have to. Now, with the Dwypers kit you won't need it.


They come in 5 or 10-packs and you can even sign up for subscription service at

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