Baby Proof Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Balloons Has Gone Viral

Decorating your Christmas tree can be tricky when you have a small child. They love to get their hands on everything and anything! Glass ornaments, light strands, garland can be a hazard for small kids but they'll love pulling them off and messing around with them.

One mom decided to change the way she did Christmas. Instead of having a traditional tree decorated from head to toe, she decided to go the safer route and make a Christmas tree made of balloons! 

Mary Billings sculpted over 150 balloons into a beautiful Christmas tree and her photo has gone viral!

“It’s definitely different, but I love the way it turned out!”

Of course, this doesn't mean you don't have to supervise your children around this tree, the balloons can still be hazardous if they pop, but this a clever way to keep your kids off the tree.

Do you have a small child who messes up your tree? Is this a new solution for you?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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