Baby Shark's Christmas Song "Santa Shark" Is A Fun Holiday Song

Baby Shark Do-Do-Do-Do-Do!

If you have little ones, this song has probably been stuck in your head or maybe you just like it yourself!

It's extremely catchy, once you start singing it.. you won't be able to stop!

Now, since Christmas is only a few weeks away there is now a Christmas-themed version of "Baby Shark!"

For the rest of the Holiday season, you'll be singing along to Santa Shark!

It's an animated shark in a Santa hat and starts off with "Santa Shark, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho..."

Instead of a family of sharks... you get a family of reindeer and elves!

Fitting for the Christmas season!

Put your Santa hat on and get ready to start singing Santa Shark! 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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