You Can Drink With Mermaids At This Bar!

Ever dream of living like a mermaid? Or drinking with one?

Now you can!

The Sip 'n Dip bar in Montana now allows you to drink with a mermaid!

The recommend ordering one of their famous blue fishbowl drinks!

It's 52 ounces of spiced rum, regular rum, coconut rum, blue schnapps, blue curacao, vodka or tequila, fruit juices, soda and garnishes!

Woah, sure does sound magical!

This bar will truly make you feel like you are underwater, in another world with mermaids!

It's decorated with tiki heads, tropical flowers and seashells, to tables decorated with golden seahorse decals!

Behind the bar you will even see a window into the pool where mermaids and mermen swim around!

Would you ever visit this mermaid bar?! Dierks Bentley and Thomas Rhett already have!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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