Gas Prices Rise In LA, More Than $4 Per Gallon!

We know that gas prices are always changing no matter what.

This past weekend, gas prices rose 1.3 cents which is the highest amount since July 31st, 2015.

Gas prices have rose over the past 35 days, increasing to 70.6 cents and 2.7 cents Sunday.

It's 19.9 cents more than one week ago and 69.6 cents higher than one month ago, 46.6 cents greater than one year ago.

You are seeing a change in prices due to refinery issues that reduced supply.

Jeffery Spring who is the Automobile Club of Southern California's communications manager stated "Out of the 10 major refineries in California, six are dealing with planned maintenance, unplanned breakdowns or both, and four of the refineries are in Southern California."

What do you think about this?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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