Microblading Procedure Leaves Woman With 4 Eyebrows!

Always do your research before any cosmetic procedure.

Especially after seeing what happened to this lady.

This poor woman's microblading procedure went completely opposite of the way she planned.

Jami Ledbetter wanted fuller eyebrows, so she visited a woman who claimed she was certified in microblading.

Instead, she left Jami with four eyebrows.

She said the outcome destroyed her confidence and even makeup couldn't fix the job.

After her procedure, she reached out to multiple licensed tattoo artists for some help.

Ledbetter then found Kara Guiterrez, who is a licensed and insured tattoo artist that specialized in permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal.

Gutierrez then removed Jami's brows with a special product, leaving her pay over $1,000 for the removal.


Have you ever been in a situation like this?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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