Honoring Military & First Responders Through Operation Gratitude

Honor the service of our Military and First Responders by creating opportunities to express gratitude with care packages. 

After 9-11, founder Carolyn Blashek began volunteering at the Los Angeles airport military lounge. In March 2003, a soldier came into the office and broke down at her desk. He was on leave from a war zone for his mother’s funeral, his wife had left him, and his only child had died as an infant—he had no one else in his life. It was then he told her, “I’m going back over there. I know I won’t make it back this time, but it really doesn’t matter because no one would even care.” Right then, Blashek realized that when bullets are flying, troops must believe that someone at home cares about them as an individual. Operation Gratitude programs provide a way of saying “thank you” to the Military, their families, Veterans and First Responders.  


Deployed Troops National Guard Police Departments Fire Departments & EMS 

Healthcare Heroes Military Families Veterans Wounded Heroes & Caregivers 

Volunteers are needed to donate items, fill care packages, write letters, make paracord bracelets, set up collection drives, donate/collect Beanie Babies to send & so much more.

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Aired July 3, 2022: Lisa Foxx talked to the President & CEO of Operation Gratitude James Johnson Maj Gen, USAF (ret). They discussed how Project Gratitude got started, how much of an impact these care packages have on those who receive them and how we can help. Donations and volunteers are needed to fill and send more of these life-changing care packages...we hope you can help make a difference and give back to someone who is serving.

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