How To Check Yourself For Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, something I'm very supportive of, since my mom had it and luckily, caught it early. She was able to have a masectomy and carry on. If you haven't gone for a check up, make sure you do! If you haven't gone for a check up, make sure you do. If you've felt a lump, definitely get it checked out ASAP! If you're lucky enough to be healthy, then thank your lucky stars and make a donation or support organizations that help others. We've collected ways so you can get checked!

There's a cool app you can download FREE! Check out: KEEPABREAST.ORG

And than, there's this beauty product that comes with a purpose! Thrive Causemetics empowers ladies thriving through cancer or domestic violence. This time around they've released a bunch of new lipsticks this fall, one of which is the "Headliner Lipstick". The Headliner Lipstick comes in many different shades and one of the shades is actually named after my mom who is fighting non-smoking Lung Cancer. My mommy Ilene is also a Breast Cancer survivor! The lipstick sells online for $26.00, check it out:



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