4-Year-Old's Stolen Puppy Is Returned To Her! (WATCH)

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WATCH: It happens all too often. A home is broken into and many things are stolen of value. But this family was extra sad. Not because of all the pricey items, but because the one stolen item that could not be replaced. This poor little girl's puppy was stolen, and she could not get over it. It went viral and the police wanted this dog back so bad for her they put out a video:


And would you believe it worked! Just watch the success videos below:


SASHA RETURNS: A 4yo girl reunites with her Labrador puppy, after it was stolen from her home. #TenNewsREAD MORE: https://t.co/FbCciM36ia pic.twitter.com/xLNaBCepvs

— TEN Eyewitness News (@channeltennews) November 9, 2017 ">

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