Thanksgiving Foods That Shouldn't Be Eaten By Your Pets! (READ)

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READ: We all love our pets. And when they smell the good food you are making, they go into "begging" mode. They stay right by the table, or they follow you around hoping something will fall. But these foods are musts to keep away from your little fur babies, unless you want an ER trip or babysit them all night:

SOURCE: Fox News

1. Turkey: You may think this is not a problem because it's just meat. But it's not good for your pet when you smother it in butter, garlic and/or seasonings. Those can be very toxic for your pet, and your pet could also choke on the bone! If you feel really bad, just cook them a separate small turkey that is totally plain, boneless and well done

2. Ham: This pork product is no good for your pet! Pork can lead to pancreatites, vomiting and diarrhea! And for your small pets, fatty meats can cause obesity

3. Stuffing: Grapes, raisins and wild mushrooms are not good for your pets digestive system. But the ABSOLUTE WORST THING is the onions! Onions are very toxic and poisonous for your dog and cat!

4. Sweet Potatoes: If you are serving raw sweet potatoes, your pets are totally safe. But it's not good when you are making yams, because all those sweet seasonings can really upset your pet's stomach.

5. Pumpkin Pie: As you read above, the sweet seasonings really upset your pet's stomach.  But the plain, canned pumpkin is actually good for your pet! It really helps with their digestive system

6. Salty Snacks: The side dishes like pretzels and chips aren't good for your pet, because it can cause excessive thirst and urination, and can cause sodium ion poisoning

7. Nuts: The same problems as Salty Snacks

8. Chocolate: You should already know this, as chocolate can lead to death.

9. Coffee and Caffeine: Your meal may be over, and you are on to dessert with a nice coffee to try and stay up. But the caffeine can be fatal for your pet. Caffeine can cause stomach issues, as well as heart problems.

10. Alcohol: Just the same as adults, pets can suffer alcohol poisoning. But dogs and cats are much smaller, so it takes much less alcohol to cause significant damage to your pet.

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