Beautiful Photos Of Adoptive Families Coming Together! (PICS)

PICS: It's the last day of November, which means it's the last day of National Adoption Month, and to share how beautiful adoptive families are, I found some perfect photos from HuffPost that capture the beauty in adoptive families! Bring your tissues, because some of these photos will make the water come down your cheek:


Three Continents Photography

“Shannon finally gets to hold her son Mathieu for the first time. Mathieu was adopted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” — Sandra Eminger (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

ToMorrow’s Memories Photography

“As Grandpa held his new granddaughter, the judge joined in the celebration by allowing the little girl to tap his gavel on his desk.” — Mary Morrow (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

ToMorrows Memories Photography

“After being separated from a papa he had only gotten to spend a week with in the Congo, this precious boy was ecstatic to see Papa waiting for him and Mama at the airport.” — Mary Morrow (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

ToMorrow’s Memories Photography

“This big sister exclaimed ‘She’s all ours!’ once her newborn baby sister’s adoption was finalized, which made her mama cry.” — Mary Morrow (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

Sarah Mariel Photography

“When Alexis heard about a birth mom who was pregnant with twins and looking to put her babies up for adoption, she immediately knew these were her children. “ — Sarah Mariel (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

Whitney Runyon/The Archibald Project

“Thirteen years under the title ‘orphan’ and in what seemed like a moment, Nate became a son. As we drove the 40-minute journey to meet Nate, the Harris family shared their inner thoughts and feelings about what it was like to be moments away from their son. And then our van rounded the corner, the gate was rolled back and Nate jumped out of the car. This is the moment Tiffany and Adam Harris first laid eyes on their son in real life. Nate ran into his mother’s arms repeating, ‘Hello mother, my mother, mother.’” (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

Allie Chandler/The Archibald Project

“The Shaws waited a long time for this moment, four years to be exact. Their adoption journey landed them with Mwana Villages 20 months ago when they first found out about their daughter. This is their journey to their daughter. Adoption can be hard and broken, and the meeting moments aren’t the cure all, but they sure are sweet. It was a special moment getting to witness the redemption that was brought through this long wait.” (Quoted Directly from HUFFPOST)

For more photos that will bring joy to your heart, check them out here:

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