Whales Rescues Snorkeler From Tiger Shark! (WATCH)

WATCH: Imagine being in the water for work studying, when a Tiger Shark was coming to get you. Well that's what happened to this lady without her noticing. But thank goodness she had some friends in the water that guided her to safety:


The moment a huge humpback whale pushed Nan Hauser around in the water, protecting her from a shark.

Fox News

Pic by Nan Hauser / Caters - (Pictured: Humpback whale pushes Nan Hauser around in the water, protecting her from shark.) - This is the heart-stopping moment when a giant, 50,000-pound humpback whale took it upon itself to push an unsuspecting snorkeler through the water, looking to protect her from a nearby SHARK. The stunning video and images Nan Hauser and her team were able to capture - including point-of-view footage - show how the whale pushed whale biologist Nan with his head and his mouth, tucked her under its pectoral fin - even lifted the biologist out of the water on one occasion. The moment, Nan, 63, said, is perhaps proof of whales intuitive nature to protect other species of animal -  including humans - something she believes has never been captured on film, and intuition the biologist compared to firemen being willing to rush into a house on fire to help save the lives of those they do not know. - SEE CATERS COPYFox News

Karen Sharp

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