"Likely" Meteor Lit Up The Michigan Sky Tonight!

WATCH: There was a likely meteor that lit up the sky in Michigan tonight. And the great part about technology is that anyone can catch it on camera. And plenty of people did. Just see the evidence:

Freaky bright flash in the sky...must be a meteor. To cold for lightning...both cameras picked it up. pic.twitter.com/4SpnL9s8la

— ;) (@MelTXD) January 17, 2018 ">

#meteor scared the buhjesus out of us pic.twitter.com/qFcFMotFDi

— PirateHooker (@BlackBeerded) January 17, 2018 ">

.@PrincipalStager and I caught the #meteor from our @ring doorbell! pic.twitter.com/Q7YfV2jLI3

— Brian Stager (@brianrstager) January 17, 2018 ">

@FOX2News my nest camera captured the flash from the #meteor pic.twitter.com/DQl7WB6VhP

— Josh Saenz (@JoshSaenzz) January 17, 2018 ">

Yes, one of our photographers caught that ball of light on a dash cam: https://t.co/XlC1ooJk0Y pic.twitter.com/01yzfcxckr

— WWMT-TV (@wwmtnews) January 17, 2018 ">

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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