This May Be The World's Most Expensive Valentine's Day Package! (READ)

READ: So if money was not an issue, or maybe you just have a lot of it, then you want to check this out! It's regarded as one of, if not the most expensive Valentine's Day packages!

Just picture this in Dubai, and if you need to see, here is a picture of Dubai:


So the date starts off with a stretch limo pickup that takes you to a helicopter ride of this beautiful city! You will be staying at a 2 storey Imperial Suite, with a personal butler that has a 100 rose bouquet and a diamond set for the woman worth about $4,000!

You will get a personal makeover, then treated to dinner at the rooftop of the hotel. It's a 7 course meal made by a personal chef and your dinner will include a personal violinist

In the morning, you will have a champagne breakfast in bed, followed in the afternoon by a 40 minute flight on a seaplane. A massage will come after that, and then you will be taken to a private yacht with more champagne! You will have dinner that night, and a breakfast buffet in the morning after that!

All of this will be put on by the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai, and it will cost you a heavy price of $23,000!

SOURCE: Lonely Planet

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