Hail In Los Angeles Is Causing People To Lose It! (WATCH)

READ: If you didn't realize, there was hail today in parts of Los Angeles. Other parts of the country don't mind when the weather acts different, but in LA, it's not the same. LA is known for beautiful skies, sunny days and perfect weather. But this cold front coming in is making everyone think it is winter all over again. Just check out these reactions across social media (all social media accounts were grabbed from Daily News):

I’m from LA ok and this like never happens here but AJDHDKSJSKS it was hailing... out here!!! In Los Angeles!!! 10/10 ~ pic.twitter.com/P0e2uNN1st

— mari✧ (@neptuniabox) February 19, 2018 ">

It started hailing randomly for ten minutes in California today 😮🌨❄️ pic.twitter.com/dMdOOJEoyo

— Rosanna Pansino (@RosannaPansino) February 20, 2018 ">

IS IT HAILING?? IN LOS ANGELES?!? *jumps out of car window screaming*

— Autumn Chiklis (@AutumnChiklis) February 19, 2018 ">

Hail in Los Angeles! Is the world ending? pic.twitter.com/mPbBUFq6cZ

— LandonAero (@landonaero) February 20, 2018 ">

Hail in Los Angeles?!? Kathryn Brown pic.twitter.com/bR6x7pxLEI

— K Brown (@kebiana) February 19, 2018 ">

Um it’s hailing in Los Angeles right now. pic.twitter.com/bYAX0Ud7Va

— Rebekah Weatherspoon (@RdotSpoon) February 19, 2018 ">

Got hit in the head with a piece of hail while walking in Los Angeles.

— Emily Sands (@Emilysandddssss) February 19, 2018 ">

Son, we got hail coming down in LA. I am confusion, wtf is going on pic.twitter.com/wtxTgEFjUr

— Leslie Corona (@L_Woman5) February 19, 2018 ">

And that's just a few. Did you get to witness the weird weather? Let me know in the comments!

SOURCE: Daily News

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